Let the Experts Handle Things!

After all You Only Live Once!!!

The cost, stress and frustration of trying to keep on top of things just isn’t worth it to many business owners and so by handing the burden over they will be able to spend that time making more money or enjoying life (or both)
If you view bookkeeping as a complete waste of your time then the Ozlop service is just for you.
Interestingly, most people who first inquire about this service think that a local bookkeeper would be best. However, they are surprised to learn that not only is a remote bookkeeper cheaper (often considerably) than a local provider, it also provides a far higher level of customer service.
Technology doesn’t replace the personal touch, it enhances it!
For a fixed monthly fee with no surprises we will:
  • Choose the best cloud bookkeeping package for your business
  • Set up the chart of accounts to make sure the software is tailored to your needs
  • Provide a data collection system to get your raw records to us
  • Carry out regular bookkeeping and payroll
  • Provide your own Bookkeeping Buddy to have regular updates, discussions and provide any advice that will be helpful
  • Create a ‘Tech Stack’ that will make your business even more efficient and stress free
  • Provide a login for your accountant to your books so they can do their work easily
Call or email us now to find out how you can build a more secure and professional business by becoming a Bookkeeping Hero