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Meet our online bookkeeping experts and the brains behind better bookkeeping.

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Hassle Free Bookkeeping

Alex 'The Founder' Weddell

Alex’s entrepreneurial appetite was first whet when he set up a daily classroom auction for his packed lunches.

Since his school days, Alex has gone on to carve out a successful, decade-long career in the financial software sector. He’s occupied sales director roles within large and small accountancy firms across the country. 

In 2010, Alex realised his dream of owning a bar. But what he wasn’t prepared for was the nightmare of managing his own bookkeeping. And so, the first seeds for Ozlop were sown in his mind.

Fast-forward to today and Alex is using his expertise in cloud-based accountancy software, coupled with his own first-hand frustrations with bookkeeping for a small business, to modernise the industry.

Aside from making the lives of small business owners easier, Alex’s other passions include his wife, Monika and his two young boys, Ozzie and Casper.

Alex loves to talk, above all about bookkeeping – so why not make his day and get in touch?


0333 335 0148

Book your meeting with Alex:  https://calendly.com/alex-weddell-1

Hassle Free Bookkeeping
Hassle Free Bookkeeping
Hassle Free Bookkeeping
Hassle Free Bookkeeping
Hassle Free Bookkeeping

David 'The MD' Vine

When David isn’t driving Ozlop forward, you’ll find him burning rubber around racetracks across Europe on his motorcycle or making a fuss of Paddy, his Jack Russell.

Aside from a year-long stint volunteering at his local animal rescue centre, David’s spent the past 20 years at the helm of technology-led businesses, delivering rapid and sustainable growth. 

David’s impressive CV includes leading a cloud-based expenses business to the top of the industry tree in the UK – making him well-positioned to mastermind the modernisation of the bookkeeping sector with Ozlop.

Alex and David’s paths first crossed when they worked at a digital HR solutions start-up. They hit it off right away – and the rest is history.

David ensures Ozlop continues to develop and improve – every day – and that it remains at the cutting-edge of digital bookkeeping solutions.  But, above all, that Ozlop continues to provide its customers with what they want and need: simple, flexible and affordable bookkeeping.

David would be delighted to discuss how Ozlop’s bookkeeping service can benefit your business – so drop him an email!


Hassle Free Bookkeeping