Hassle Free Bookkeeping


Hassle Free Bookkeeping

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Hassle Free Bookkeeping

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide an end-to-end, on-the-go, digital bookkeeping service.

We utilise and pool market leading third-party software to make the entire bookkeeping process simpler – and your life easier.

All for an affordable rolling monthly subscription.

Hassle Free Bookkeeping

We’ll get you set up on the most appropriate cloud-based bookkeeping solution for your business, based on your specific needs. Or, if you’re already online, we’ll review your current bookkeeping system.

We’ll set everything up for you and give you all the tools and technology you need to make it work seamlessly.

Simply upload your information as you receive it and we’ll do the rest – your bookkeeping, VAT returns and even your payroll.

We’ll have your up-to-date books ready for you at the same time every month. You can access your books, 24/7, at the click of a button.

Hassle Free Bookkeeping

Your monthly subscription fee is set according to the specific needs of your business.

We’ll typically base this on the average number of transactions you process each month, but we’ll also take other factors into account, like your turnover, the type of sales you make and your specific bookkeeping needs.

After an initial 3-month bedding in period, there’s no lengthy tie-in – we want you to enjoy a flexible bookkeeping arrangement.

We’ll review your subscription periodically, so it keeps pace with your business needs.

Hassle Free Bookkeeping

Broadly speaking, the lot!

  • Sales invoices and records of income

  • Purchase invoices and receipts for expenses

  • Bank statements and loan statements

  • Details of payments made to employees

  • Details of Debtors and Creditors

  • Ad hoc cash transactions

Hassle Free Bookkeeping

Not a lot!

All you need is a laptop, tablet etc. and an internet connection so that you can upload and send us your documents. A smartphone helps but it’s not absolutely essential.

Hassle Free Bookkeeping

You name it!

We work with restaurants, pubs, electricians, architects, dentists, plumbers, builders, spas, landscape gardeners – even a classic car restorer and a gin and wine specialist!

We specialise in providing our bookkeeping subscription to micro-businesses, lifestyle businesses and small businesses. In other words, those with simple bookkeeping needs.

Hassle Free Bookkeeping

No biggie! We reckon we could still help save you money and make your life easier. And if we can’t, we’ll tell you! But we can make it really easy to switch to Ozlop. 

Hassle Free Bookkeeping

No sweat! For an hourly fee, we’ll help you get everything up-to-date and in order!

Hassle Free Bookkeeping

All we need to get the ball rolling is a quick chat to find out more about your business and what your current bookkeeping arrangements are.

Once we’ve got to know each other a little better and (hopefully) decided that we’re a match made in heaven, we’ll have a more in-depth conversation.

This will help us understand your bookkeeping needs inside and out, so we can provide you with your tailored quote.

Once the quote is approved, we can start the process of getting you up and running!

Hassle Free Bookkeeping