We take care of your bookkeeping.

You take care of your business.

 A structured and regular digital bookkeeping service for small businesses.  

Bookkeeping with structure, rhythm and routine

We know just how frustrating, confusing and time-consuming bookkeeping can be for small business owners. 

But we also know how fundamental it is to a sustainable and successful business. 

So we made it our mission to reduce the faffing and the fretting by making the entire bookkeeping process simpler for you. 

We utilise leading cloud-based tools and systems to give your bookkeeping structure, rhythm and routine. 

Hassle Free Bookkeeping

Our bookkeeping cycle

1) You send/upload your invoices and receipts etc.

2) We review your information and ask any questions

3) You provide us with any additional information

4) We complete your books at the same time every month

Making small business owners happy

“Efficient, fast, dynamic and totally enthusiastic!”


“Brilliant service. I would never have been able to sort out our accounts without them – highly recommended.”


“Refreshing outlook on an industry that needs refreshing!”


Case study

How Litmus Wines transformed their bookkeeping

Bookkeeping with benefits

More time

No more hours spent battling with your bookkeeping. You’ll have more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Lower costs

No more complex, ad-hoc, expensive bookkeeping arrangements. Just pay a monthly fee to get your bookkeeping completed.

Greater insight

With your bookkeeping completed at the same time every month, you’ll know where your finances stand – and be able to make better businesses decisions.

Less stress

No more worry or confusion, piles of paperwork or not knowing what your cash flow looks like. We’ll help you get your bookkeeping under control.

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Hassle Free Bookkeeping